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Attorney Nick Passe has been serving the people and organizations of southwest Wisconsin since 2006.  He has been repeatedly recognized by other attorneys and judges for his ethics, professionalism and legal skills. 

Whether you’re a litigant or a person or business needing legal advice, Attorney Passe can help you achieve your goals and protect your interests. 

How Do I Contact Attorney Passe?

Attorney Passe is available by phone, e-mail, fax and mail.  Contact him today to explore possible representation or to discuss an ongoing matter with him.

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Passe Law Office News:

September 21, 2016: Nick Passe in news clip volunteering at La Crosse County Bar Association Free Legal Clinic

September 16, 2016: La Crosse County Bar Association President's Party held at Passe Law Office

Mural art from Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Room depicting the four sources of Wisconsin law: 1. Roman Civil Law (upper left), 2. The Magna Carta and English Common Law (upper right), 3. American Constitutional Law (lower left), and 4. Wisconsin Territorial Law.  A more complete description of the murals can be found here.

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Attorney Passe is dedicated to maximizing client control of representation by communicating developments promptly to clients along with the options available and his recommendations for how to proceed.

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