Real Estate

Attorney Passe helps clients by drafting real estate documents, reviewing proposed transactions and by helping facilitate transactions big and small.

Divorce / Paternity / Custody and Placement / Family Law cases

Divorce is difficult in almost every way imaginable - emotionally, materially, and socially.  Attorney Passe knows how to fight hard to win favorable outcomes for his clients both in property division and custody and placement disputes.

Civil Litigation

Attorney Passe regularly appears in many different types of civil litigation, both for plaintiffs and defendants.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Passe has been practicing criminal law since serving as an intern for two district attorney's offices in law school.  Having argued criminal law cases in trial courts and appellate courts including the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Attorney Passe won the prestigious Superlawyers Magazine Wisconsin Rising Star designation for general litigation and criminal defense in 2013 and again in 2016 and 2017.  Having worked on both sides of the fence, attorney Passe critically analyzes cases looking for facts to investigate and arguments to make.  Attorney Passe fights for clients as soon as he is retained, even at the pre-charging stage.  Attorney Passe has won dismissal of misdemeanor and felony cases through negotiations and has won at the preliminary hearing stage of a Class C felony case, and at trial in OWI and felony trials.  Each case is won or lost based on its facts, but even in cases where pleas are necessary, Attorney Passe strives to get his clients the best possible outcomes. 

Passe Law Office, LLC

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Attorney Passe assists clients in the creation of estate planning documents including wills, powers of attorney and advance planning documents.


Attorney Passe regularly prosecutes and defends collection activities on behalf of individuals and organizations in Southwest Wisconsin.  He can draft or respond to a demand letter, draft or respond to a summons and complaint, make court appearances (including small claims appearances, trials, contempt proceedings, and supplementary examinations), and is familiar with Wisconsin and Federal debt collection laws.  As an experienced litigator who has dealt with people from all walks of life, Attorney Passe is a dynamic, skilled negotiator, capable of modulating between agressive,  and conciliatory negotiating styles as appropriate. Attorney Passe prides himself on efficiency in collections representation in general and in finding creative solutions as a way of achieving efficient, successful outcomes in particular.


Attorney Passe advocates strongly on behalf of clients before both the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.